SBuilder FSX - how do I make an asphalt poly?

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SBuilder FSX - how do I make an asphalt poly?

Post by gsnde » Thu May 24, 2007 4:13 pm

I like to get rid of the AFCAD asphalt polys because concrete taxyways crossing asphalt aprons and connecting to parking spots always leads to those ugly spikes. My idea is that this will not happen if the asphalt poly is done outside AFCAD.

Although in SBuilderX I have seen various types like LandclassPoly_Rock, ..._Coral, ..._Lava and ..._Concrete, I can not find anything related to asphalt.

What should I choose to get an asphalt underground?


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Post by José » Fri May 25, 2007 11:24 pm

Hi, Martin

The polygons used to make runways, taxiways and aprons are different from the terrain polygons. The firsts are sharp and well finished, the seconds are blended to other terrain landclass. So if you decide to make an apron using a terrain polygon the visual effect is not nice.

To avoid the problem your refer when using afcad, in the asphalt to concret transition you can add um more point just before the point of transition. Another thing you can do to avoid the "spikes" is to keep all points in the same alignment.

Draw an auxiliary line in the direction the taxiway should be, and try to maintain the points aligned, when zooming the most you can.

So, try to use only afcad elements to make runway, taxiways and aprons, as most people do.

Kind regards,



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