VTP-polygon with photoreal texture

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VTP-polygon with photoreal texture

Post by Kurt240457 » Tue Mar 24, 2009 5:59 am

Good morning everybody,

I have – as an unexperienced newbie – got stuck in a problem and did not manage to work around: I am using FS9 and SBuilder 2.05/6 and intend to create a scenery for a quite small area (about 500 x 500 m) within an existing city scenery. The background for my scenery should be photoreal in the highest possible resolution on which all the objects will be placed later on. Due to the small size (much less than a LOD13 tile) I decided to use a VTP-2 polygon and fill it with a photo texture. Therefore I created a 3200 x 2400 pixel jpg-picture from VE using the tool from the ptsim-website. Then I transformed it into bmp-file using ACDC 2 Pro. Next I cut out the relevant area as a 1024 x 1024 pixel portion and saved it as LKH1.bmp. I imported this file as a map into SBuilder and scaled it using the known coordinates of the 4 corners. Further more I put the LKH1.bmp into the texture folder of my scenery. Then I drew a perfect fitting VTP-2 polygon around the map and connected it to the texture LKH1.bmp by using the “named” function (I filled also all seasonal versions with the LKH1-texture to make sure that at this moment, that the season settings do not influence the appearance of my scenery area). After this I compiled the filled polygon and put the bgl-file into my scenery’s scenery folder.

The scm-file looks like this:
Set( BUF 8192 )

Header( 1 48 47 17 16 )

VTPFileHeader( 0x100 )


VTPArea( 1 1 2 23 )
VTPLayer( 20 1 1 0 )
VTPTexID( 0 0 )
VTPPolyCount( 1 )

VTPPoly( 2 4 0 )
VTPPointXY( 9432 12143 )
VTPPointXY( 9527 12143 )
VTPPointXY( 9527 12228 )
VTPPointXY( 9432 12228 )

VTPIndexList( 1
418 119 0

VTPTextureList( 1
"LKH-1.bmp;LKH-1.bmp;LKH-1.bmp;LKH-1.bmp;LKH-1.bmp;LKH-1.bmp" 0 0 0 4


So far I believed to act logically but after starting my FS9 nothing from my scenery appeared. I tried several layer settings (in my posted scm-content layer 20 !) and also other textures. The only successful way was with an assembled texture out of the texture library.
What did I wrong? Is the fault within the conversion from jpg into bmp? Or is it just a principal fault? Any help (also as a step by step tutorial) would be highly appreciated!!

Many thanks and kind regards


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