Run-time error 76

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Run-time error 76

Post by cottage cheese » Fri Apr 10, 2009 3:29 am


I plan to re-build an airport that's next to my house.The default airport, while having a generally correct runway placement, has the control tower in the wrong place and also no airfield/terminal building. The basic field, I built up in AFCAD and was ok, but a number of default buildings(autogen) and autogen trees sit in the middle of the airfield. I usually like to use FS2004 with the autogen density turned up full.

My initial interest in SBuilder was because I wanted to exclude/remove those autogen buildings from the airfield and certain areas around the airport. After facing a string of runtime and DLL errorr (Which I managed to fix) I'm left with one single error that I can't seem to fix- Anytime I click "New" and click "Ok" after requisite settings, a 'Run-time error 76 Path not found ' dialog box appears. If I 'Ok' that dialog, Sbuilder closes.

I use FS2004, Vista Home Basic and SBuilder2.05 Revision6.

I'd appreciate any guidance in this regard,

Many Thanks

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