texture type and texture effect and effect name??

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texture type and texture effect and effect name??

Post by axis » Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:22 pm

i am currently working on a scenery using sbuilder for fs9 and i have come across of using "named" textures for VTP lines. after compiling to bgl, i always get an error that an effect has to be named and since i don't know how to name it, i just left the texture type and effect unchecked. but what happens is that fs9 crashes.

i have searched the help index and all i could find is "You should read the VTP and LWM Terrain SDK for explanations on the Texture types and Effects" under VTP Scenery section. i have downloaded terrain sdk and through its documentation, texture types are numbered to a hundreds. but in sbuilder, they are only up to 3. neither can i find anything about texture effects or effect names.

i did try to search on the web and from this forum and could not find any answers.

can anyone would be kind enough to explain what texture types 0-3 means and what effects there are?

thanks in advance.

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