Landclass Libraries...?

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Landclass Libraries...?

Post by Garry2009 » Wed Oct 28, 2009 2:07 pm

Hi All:
New member here, and before all else I want to extend very serious "thanks" to Luis and everyone who contributed to SBuilder, from myself and everyone at our virtual airline...what a very powerful tool it is, and our little airline would not be the same without it!

Okay, we're strictly FS-2004 with no plans to ever migrate to FSX. Thus, I use SBuilder Veresion 2.05 and don't see any need to upgrade to SBuilder-X. With that said, I'm probably gonna get clobbered for asking this next question, since the answer is probably in a tutorial somewhere, but I didn't see it. Anyway, we are a "retro", bush-flying airline situated in British Columbia. We've made a TON of 3-D scenery with FSDS, and use the Landclass in SBuilder to complement our settings. However, when I want to populate an area, say, around a wilderness airstrip to make it look like a settlement, about the only library landclass that comes close is the Small City Suburban (Grid Wet/Dry, and Non-Grid Wet/Dry...117, 118, 119, and 120). It works and looks okay, but I'm wondering: (a) Are there other libraries that can be added which contain more rural or farmland landclass? And (b) Is it possible to create a landclass library for SBuilder, using my own placed 3-D objects?

That's about it, and again, there's no possible way that I could ever express how truly grateful we are for SBuilder.

Thanks in advance for any responses,

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