SBuilder updates - for version 2.05

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SBuilder updates - for version 2.05

Post by Luis Sa » Sun May 15, 2005 6:27 am


I have started this new sticky topic to announce updates to SBuilder 2.05. The updates will be identified by a Revision number. Installation assumes that you have version 2.05 fully operational and will consist on the replacement of the file SBuilder.exe, except when indicated otherwise.

<b>Revision 01 - May 14, 2005 </b>

a) The About Form has changed and now shows the revision number:


b) Fixed the bug in appending of VTP lines when the option "Remove Hooks" was set. This caused the problem reported in

c) Change in the Objects Menu. When you add an object to your project, the Object Name is automatically filled with the name of the Library object, the name of the Macro or the name of the type of object. You can write over to set a different name.

<b>Revision 02 - May 23, 2005 </b>

a) Fixed a bug in the Ordering of Objects.

b) Change in the handling of Macro Categories. Now you can have, for example, the category "Airport Objects" with mixed API and ASD macros.

c) Fixed a bug in the reading of default ASD macro parameters.

d) When a macro with name AreaEnda.API or AreaEnd.SCM is found, SBuilder replaces it with the instruction EndA, regardless the content of those files.

e) Measure Tool added to the Edit Menu. It works in Pointer, Line, Poly or Object modes. You can toggle between "measuring" and "normal" modes by pressing the M key. The Escape key or the right mouse click also exit the "measuring" mode. You get a distance in meters or feet (depending on the parameter MeasuringMeters = True/False in the INI file). While you are making a measurement, you can Pan or Zoom (but with the mouse wheel only). The Heading as well as the Latitude and Longitude of the centre point are also shown. When, in Object mode, you make a measurement, the next placed Object is initiated with the Heading of the measurement.


<b>Revision 03 - June 06, 2005 </b>

This revision has the feature to make textured ground polygons. For details please see this topic:

<b>Revision 04 - June 12, 2005 </b>

a) fixed a bug when SBuilder exists in a different drive than the drive where the SBP files exist

b) when you click the small picture in the Lib/Macro/Rwy12 object section, a new picture appears with the size and aspect ratio of the bitmap or jpeg that holds the picture

c) before this revision the RefPoint in high res photo scenery was a sea level (the parameter E= 0). Now it has an elevation equal to the mean elevation of the vertex points. The altitude (Z) of each vertex point is now the deviation from the mean. The only difference is related to the evaluation of the V2= parameter. If, high res polygons in areas of some altitude, disappear as you pass by them, it could be a wrong V2 calculation. Hopefully, this will not happen anymore.

<b>Revision 05 - July 1, 2005 </b>

Luis Feliz-Tirado has compiled a full set of Library Objects Screenshots with anotations regarding the use of the objects. In addition he measured the footprints of all objects which is a big help when you are going to place the objects using a bitmap as a template.

I added some macros to the package and a new SBuilder.exe to support a few enhancements regarding objects. The ZIP file can be downloaded from the AVSIM archive.

In order to full install the latest version of SBuilder you need:

1. Full install of SBuilder ver. 2.05 rev. 01 found here:
2. An additional rev. 05 found here:
3. An other addition for rev. 06 found here:


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