Sloping / humped runways

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Re: Sloping / humped runways

Post by rhumbaflappy » Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:41 pm

We used to be able to define an area's surface properties ( it was SCASM code ). I don't know if it is still possible for FSX.

SurfaceType( type width_x width_y alt )

This instruction defines the surface properties of a given rectangular area. Note, you cannot 'harden' an elevated surface with this command! Use aditional section 16 commands for this.
0 smooth surface, runnway, taxiway
1 rough surface, grass
2 water surface, causes splash/crash
width_y W-E ...
N-S deviation, depends on the scale factors in the RefPoint() command. The width is measured from the left (or upper) side to the right (or lower) side. (integer)
alt Altitude of the surface measured in meters (integer). In FS2000 this parameter is ignored

The area had to be rectangular... but I believe we could us a rotated call to rotate it to align to a runway or taxi area. Altitude is ignored.

Here's a link to FSDeveloper discussing this and using ModelConverterX... ... urfaceType

..and another link... ... urfaceType

What Arno does with his tool is have you create an apron ( with AirportDesignEditor perhaps ) and save the XML code. Then load that code into ModelconverterX's sub tool that will convert the XML into a SCASM code that can be compiled to make a hardened surface. Arno says it works.


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Re: Sloping / humped runways

Post by GaryGB » Wed Aug 17, 2011 6:23 pm


Developers may find information on suppressing the "dirt effect" on custom photoreal surfaces intended to be rendered as "hardened surfaces" without the frame-rate hit of a "platform" with FSX sceneries... via SCASM SurfaceType code or edits of the XML code for airport aprons in this thread: ... way+effect

NOTE: This particular SCASM tweak reportedly DOES WORK compatibly in FSX ! :mrgreen:

Apparently Arno has further implemented this tweak into his ModelConverterX tool as described here: ... stcount=20

Hope this simplifies the work-flow with regard to this issue ! 8)


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