Polys & Holes Issue

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Polys & Holes Issue

Post by SoloWing » Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:25 am

I posted this over at FSDev, but also wanted to post here, just in case.

I've been working on some minor scenery enhancements to some ski areas lately. Simple projects, using grass to represent slopes, so that the seasons change properly. Early compile tests worked fine, and looked great, but now I've run into a problem. Every time I compile the polys, only a few of the holes show up, the rest of the mountain covering remains solid grass. Attached below are shots showing the problem.

Any ideas? This one really has me stumped. I've only shown a small area here, as there are three other slopes, and the other three are displaying similar symptoms, two of which are missing grass polys completely. I'm half tempted to believe I hit some sort of compiler limit.

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