SBuilderX for 64-bit Windows systems

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SBuilderX for 64-bit Windows systems

Post by Luis Sa » Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:11 pm
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SBUILDERX 3.14 - 64 bit

The files contained in the archive extend the operation of SBuilderX 3.13 to 64-bit Windows systems. In addition, some improvements have been added to the original programme.


The capabilities of SBuilderX are described in the SBuilderX 3.13 Help File and are discussed in the PTSIM forum. In the following we describe the modifications and improvements of the present version.

1 - "Add Map from Yahoo" was deleted as the service no longer exists. It was replaced with "Add Map from Here (Nokia)". There are 2 entries in the INI file that refer to this function. You will get an explanation about them when you try to add a amp.

2 - Maximum number of Tile Servers has increased to 30. Some new plug-ins are included in this version.

3 - "Add Map from Disk" was corrected in order to get a calibrated map on the display if the "TXT data file" exists on the same folder as the map.

4 - 3D view of Generic Buildings now uses slimDX instead of DirectX since the latter no longer is compatible with 64-bit systems.

5 - "Go to Position" now has U and V coordinates in addition to Latitude and Longitude.

6 - Import, Export and Append of SBX files now include Land and Water Class scenery.

7 - Recent Directories used in your project now are "remembered" by SBuilderX.

8 - The INI file was organized with parameters under 13 categories.

9 - 3 new parameters added to the INI file, specifically GridWidth, LinePenWidth and PolyPenWidth. Only the values of 1 or 2 are accepted for these parameters.

10 - Reading of DBF files when appending ESRI files no longer uses shapelib.dll. The DLL is still necessary to deal with SHP and SHX files and to write DBF files.

11 - The "grey page" when SBuilderX starts no longer exists. When SBuilderX starts, a project named "PROJECT" is created and the user can start to create items without having to press "New" or "Open" or "Import SBX".

12 - There is a LOD grid, in addition to the QMID grid, with a color adjusted through an entry in the INI file.

13 - Snap to QMID grid is available through the Polygon context menu or through a sub menu item in the Edit menu.

14 - Backup files are saved with successive names.

15 - F1 function key toggles Background ON and OFF.

16 - There is an entry in the INI file called ZoomONQMID that prevents (or not) change of Zoom, when we change the QMID grid level.

17 - Background is now 11 x 7 tiles, which allows to add maps from the background with size up to 19,712 tiles or 5 GB.

18 - Bulk changes of "Set as Hole", "Set as Outer" and "Snap to QMID" are now possible on Poly mode when more than one poly is selected and we right click anywhere in the display.

Regards, Luis