SBuilderX 3.13

The first version of SBuilderX for FSX, version 3.13, can be downloaded from here. The tool, released in 2009, produces the following types of scenery: - Land and Water Class Scenery - Photo Scenery -  Vector Scenery -  Exclusion Rectangles - Objects Placement -  Ground Textured Polygons and Lines - Generic Buildings -  Extrusion Bridges. You can read the Help file for SBuilderX 3.13 by following this link.

In 2014, SBX 3.14 version to support 64-bit machines was released but was broken later on when Windows 10 was introduced. In 2017, SBX 3.15 was released and works in any machine architecture and Windows systems. In addition all the source code of the 3.15 version is available on GitHub.

SBuilder 205This is the link to download a full package with the version of SBuilder for FS2004. It includes SBuilder 2.05, revison6, SCASM 2.96 and the "Object pack for SBuilder 2.05". It also includes a free registration password for personal use. You can download the Help file for SBuilder 2.05 by following this link.

Richard Ludowise packed all the files needed to install SBuilder for FS2004 and made them available at FSDeveloper. You read about this here.

You can download Portugal Terrain from here. Portugal Terrain was a commercial product and a Product Code and a Password were needed to install the scenery. It was also needed to activate the scenery before installing. You do not need this anymore but all documentation still refers to it. The picture below shows the INSTALL and UNINSTALL options available when you run the new free SETUP programme. As before, always use this SETUP programme to install or to uninstall the scenery! You can see here the documentation that comes with Portugal Terrain. If you like Portugal Terrain and want to make a donation, please use the button on the left column. Thanks!

Portugal Terrain