Portugal TerrainWith Portugal Terrain you get a chance to make big discoveries! You can start in the north, near Caminha, and follow the Atlantic coast until Vila Real de Santo António. You will see the beaches, the ports, the marinas, the lagoons, the coves, the estuaries, the cliffs and other landscapes that make the Portuguese coast one of the most beautiful ones in Europe.

Or, you can leave Lisbon along the Tagus, in the route to the interior, travelling through the cities and villages of Portugal. You can follow the valley of River Zêzere passing by the large lakes until you arrive to the highest mountain of Portugal - Serra da Estrela. It will be very difficult to get lost! If that happens, pick up a road map, locate a road or a river that you know about, and continue your journey! Portugal Terrain was a missing scenery to make a Flight Simulator experience in Portugal a real unique one.

It also constitutes the natural complement to many other sceneries, payware or freeware.

Portugal Terrain incorporates the following parts:

  • Meshes - total coverage of the national territory on a LOD10 resolution (38 meters) based on DTED2 data by IGeoE.
  • Land Classes - total coverage of the national territory with textures based on land use maps.
  • Photography - coverage of Cascais/Tires and Lagos/Portimão with seasonal textures.
  • Waters - total coverage of the national territory from the big international rivers and lakes to the small water streams.
  • Roads - total coverage of the national territory with main roads and railways in a density compatible with autogen scenery.

You can see here the documentation that comes with Portugal Terrain. To get this scenery go to the Downloads section of this site.