When the fist release of SBuilderX came out, in December 2006, users (and rarely myself) have provided information on the PTSim forum that helped others to start using SBuilderX straight away. Luis Feliz Tirado wrote a great tutorial that is available in the AVSIM file library at: 

http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?Ca ... LID=100997

Unfortunately, from December to June, SBuilderX was modified a bit and some of the images that Luis Tirado presents do not match with the present SBuilderX interface. But the main ideas about designing Terrain Scenery with SBuilderX are there and it is a must to read Luis's document. Once you have this tutorial on your local disk you can add a pointer to it in the SBuilder.ini file so that you can access it through the Help menu.

An explanation on how to use an image background downloaded from the internet can be found in this post from Luis Tirado:


If you want to make a photoscenery from image backgrounds see another post by Luis:


Scott Smart wrote a tutorial - "This tutorial introduces SBuilderX, a scenery design tool for FSX. The use of SBuilderX for modifying airport terrain is demonstrated including installing SBuilderX, creating new terrain scenery within the tool, and testing in FSX. Project areas cover KATL and LG0D airports." - available at:


Luis Feliz Tirado made another excelent tutorial about creating photo scenery in FSX. The tutorial includes a part related to the use of SBuilderX in the creation of this type of scenery. You get the tutorial here:

http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?Ca ... LID=112595

Yet, another tutorial by Luis Tirado. This time you will be able to make extrusion bridges. It can be found here:

http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?Ca ... LID=115428

A very complete tutorial on how to create photo real scenery can be read at FlightSim:


Many thanks for all these contributions!